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Run Fit Sports, Inc.

Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs Treatment

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Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs Treatment
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Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are the #1 reason that doctors send patients to visit us at Run Fit Sports.  Detailed here are products that we offer to aid in the treatment of this condition:
Quality shoes that offer the correct combination of stability and cushioning:


Cheaply made shoes can contribute to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs by not offering enough support under the arch of the shoe.  If you hold your shoe in front of you with one hand on the heel and one hand pressing against the front of the shoe and the shoe bends under the arch, it could be causing your condition or making it worse.  At Run Fit Sports, we have the absolute best selection of quality running/walking shoes in Middle Georgia at the guaranteed best prices.   We will perofrm a computerized analysis and help guide you to finding the perfect shoe for your unique foot type.

Powerstep Insoles:


Powerstep insoles are designed to offer superior arch support to take the pressure off the connection of the plantar fascia to the heel.  Powersteps also have a deep heel cup to help cradle and stablalize the heel.

Strassburg Sock:


Most people sleep with their toes pointed.  During the night, the tears in the plantar fascia tissue start to heal in this relaxed position.  When you get out of bed in the morning and step on the floor, your foot forms a 90 degree angle, tearing all the newly healed tissue.  This is a cylcle that keeps repeating every night, preventing healing.  The Strassburg sock works by keeping your foot at a 90 degree angle all night, allowing the tissue to heal in this position, therefore no re-tearing every morning.

Prostretch Device:


Stretching the calves is crucial to take the pressure off the arch area to promote healing.  The Prostretch device is designed to ensure that you get a correct guided stretch each and every time.  Stretching each leg for 30 seconds several times a day is recommended.

Foot Log:


The Foot Log helps massaage the arch and break up scar tissue.  In an attempt to heel the tears in the plantar fascia tissue, the body sends calcium to the area.   It is important to massage the painful area to keep the healing tissues pliable and to prevent hard scar tissue from forming.

Foot Wheel:


There are 3 major muscle supports in the plantar surface of the foot, and 3 therapeutic rolling wheels on the Footwheel to effectively treat them. The FootWheel provides the many documented benefits of trigger-point therapy and myofascial release. Its purpose is to stretch & relax the plantar fascia and extinguish myofascial trigger points. The Footwheel is easily cleaned with warm, soapy water and may be sterilized if needed. Made of nylon and steel for durability.

Pro-Tec Arch Supports


Pro-Tec Athletics' Arch Support provides a slight lift to the arch helping to support the plantar fascia. Targeted support reduces stress to the arch region and alleviates inflammation and tearing of the plantar fascia.

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