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Run Fit Sports, Inc.

Why shop at Run Fit over the mega-stores?
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Why shop at Run Fit over the mega-stores?
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There are many reasons to shop locally at Run Fit Sports instead of visiting a mega-store.  Here we detail a few:

Shopping local boosts the local economy

When you spend money at Run Fit Sports, the money is in turn pumped into the local economy.  Both the owner and the staff buy products and services from other local businesses in the area.  We buy food, automotive services, legal and accounting services, home improvements, landscaping services, etc.

Run Fit Sports also donates thousands of dollars each year to local charities, schools, and running/walking events.  To date, Run Fit Sports has given over $50,000 to local causes throughout Middle Georgia. 

Wonder how much the executives of the mega-stores and the Walton family spend locally?  Why spend money in these stores and have it sent to Pennsylvania, Texas, or Arkanas?

Unlike a lot of specialty stores, Run Fit Sports has a 100% price guarantee on its products

Most specialty shop charge higher prices than mega-stores to justify their service.  This is not the case at Run Fit Sports.  We believe in matching the competition on price and beating them on service and quality product selection.
At Run Fit Sports you can rest assured that you are getting the very best prices in the local area for the products that we carry.  We go through great pains to ensure that our prices cannot be beat.  We routinely visit the competition and modify our pricing structure to make sure that our prices are the best.  Why drive all over town checking prices when we have already done the footwork for you?  The shoe manufacturers have special pricing programs for running specialty stores that allow us to match prices with the large "volume" dealers. 
We believe in our prices so much that if you happen to find a lower price on the same model and color in the county of the Run Fit Sports store that you have purchased from, we will refund the difference!

Run Fit Sports has the very best quality shoe selection in Middle Georgia

The mega-stores may have more shoes and may brag about being the "biggest."  But, they carry a lot of "B" grade shoes that are produced for the discount shoe market.  These shoes are cheaply made, break down within a few weeks, and are awful for the health of your feet.
Run Fit Sports carry more models of quality running and walking shoes than any store in the Middle Georgia area bar-none.

Run Fit Sports has the very best expert service in Middle Georgia

Why go to the mega-stores and pay the same or more and get no service?  At best, they can tell you whether the shoes comes in red or blue and whether or not they have your size.  Run Fit Sports gives you expert advice and guidance that is completely FREE with any shoe purchase.
We will do an analysis of your feet, provide a computerized scan, and help guide you to the right shoe.  We do not force you into any particular shoe.  We are there to help you make an informed decision.  The choice of shoe is ultimately totally up to you.  Best of all, since we meet or beat any local price, this expert service does not cost you anything! 

Run Fit Sports stands behind its products - we are not happy until you are happy

Once you purchase a pair of shoes from us, you are free to try them out on your treadmill or on a clean surface to make sure that they are right for you.  If you decide you had rather try a different model, simply bring the shoes back in re-sellable condition in the original box and we will try a different shoe.  It is in our best interest to put you in the very best shoe for your unique foot type.  So, we do not mind swapping out clean shoes for a different model to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.
While at Run Fit Sports, you are welcome to go out on the sidewalk for a jog or a stroll to test the shoes on surfaces that you will be walking/running on.  We understand that shoes feel different on concrete and asphalt than they do on plush store floors.  Try taking the shoes outside at a mega-store and they will call security on you!

FREE expert service, 110% price guarantee, best quality shoe selection, generous exchange policy - why would you shop anywhere else? 
If you can think of a reason, we would love to hear it.  Your comments help us create a better shopping experience.  Email us at 

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at: