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Macon Tracks Running Club
GEICO Duathlon Team Results


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GEICO Duathlon Team Results

GEICO Duathlon Team Results
April 5th, 2003
Macon, Georgia

                                                    Number   Last Name First Name Time Sex
835   Gardner Justin 1:31:56 M
  Stokes Julie F
837   Haddx Mort 1:27:46 M
  Armstrong Keith M
838   Williams Anne 2:04:36 F
   Reilly Mike M
840   Thompson Ryan 1:27:30 M
  Grant Lauren F
841   Hilton Patrick 1:27:28 M
  Spisso Mike M
420   Beauchamp Robby 1:26:00 M
  Boggs Carloyn F
421   Boggs Richard 1:24:35 M
  Womack Robert M
431   Johnston Alice 1:30:25 F
  Assad Edward M